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Horticultural Recycling

At GreenCare Recycling,  we take in all horticultural debris and convert it into Mulch and Topsoil, resulting in cost-efficient disposal of debris – a savings we pass on to our customers!

GreenCare Recycling in Southwest Florida

At GreenCare Recycling in Fort Myers, Florida, we have our own recycling facility… taking in all horticulture debris, both commercial and residential. Everything gets recycled. You come to us or we’ll come to you!

Horticultural Recycling in Fort Myers | Southwest Florida | Greencare Recycling

Yard Debris Recycling & Grappling Services

GreenCare Recycling is your best choice for yard debris recycling in Southwest Florida. We offer Grapple Truck Service, hauling your debris away for you with our 50 yard claw trucks, but we also have a Yard Waste Disposal Facility on-site if you would like to come to us.

We accept trees, stumps, palm fronds, limbs, branches, bushes, sod, grass, scrapings, brush, roots, logs, and more. Everything gets recycled!

Organic Compost, Mulch and Top Soil Blends

From this debris, we create sustainable landscape supplies like compost soil, mineral mulch, and potting soil. Our custom soil blends are coming soon!

Family-Owned & Operated 

GreenCare Recycling is family-owned and operated and has been proudly serving both commercial and residential customers since 1990 in Southwest Florida. We are located in Fort Myers, Florida and our customers are all over Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties.

Our Equipment in Action

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Our Services

For Professional Yard Waste Removal, Yard Waste Pickup and Horticultural Recycling, GreenCare Recycling is a one-stop shop in Southwest Florida

Grapple Truck Service

Grapple Truck Service  

Yard Waste Displosal

Yard Waste Disposal Facility

Organic Recycling

Organic Recycling Facility

Compost Facility

State Licensed Compost Facility

What our customers say

Greencare Recycling is always there when I need them. When I have large jobs and need the trucks to haul away the waste they never disappoint. Always there on time and do a complete job. The drivers really know their stuff when it comes to loading and packing those trucks! Also, let me mention the quality of the mulch and soil that they have is outstanding. Never 1 complaint from any of my customers with any of their products. Hell, they are the ones I use in MY yard. This recycling company is top notch for sure, not only the products but the people who work there make everyone feel like family.

Jennifer Torres Mariano

Owner, Vaquita Lawn and Tree Service

I stopped in to Green Care Recycling to get some soil for planting. I was very impressed with the competent and knowledgeable staff who were able to guide me to which type of soil would be best for my needs. I highly recommend this company for all your horticultural needs. Thank you Vincent Simonelli.

Todd Duffy

GreenCare Recycling has always been amazing. We have used them several times for debris pickup using their grapple trucks. They are always professional and on time. I have also purchased the organic top soil from them and I absolutely love it. I would definitely recommend their product and services. All around 5-star company!

Nicole Williams

The quality of the mulch and soil from this facility is fantastic. I have used it at several homes I manage and everyone has been beyond happy. No chemical fertilizers needed. It builds organic matter and helps retain water to help grass make it through droughts better. Keep making this great product right here in our community

Ashley Simonelli

Broker/Owner, Royal Palm Property Management

It is about time FL has a compost facility that does it RIGHT! I am from Ohio and have been here for 15 yars. This is the first time I have seen anyone composting properly on this coast. Thank you for not just burning / wasting this resource!

Dennis Bell

Owner, Coastal Mowing and Tree

Greencare Recycling has one of the best if not the best all around horticulture plants in Southwest Florida. The finest service for all of your tree service needs of any type of landscaping projects from the smallest to the largest.

Michael Chant

Our Landscape Company saves time and money by the quick easy in, easy out dump site for our horticulture waste. Streamlined as can be, maybe just ad a drive thru window… 🙂

Marlin Jason Lott

Cwg Landscape

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